Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Zizzi: Leeds and Shrewsbury

Both venues are new and the Shrewsbury restaurant is really nicely done out and has amazing toilets which are well worth a visit. We tried the new tapas menu and like most tapas its not the best value for money, but the mini calzones were the highlight.
Excuse the quality of the pics - am blogging from my phone (it's how I roll nowadays!)

1) Rustica pizza (I opted for it in wholemeal and it was really tasty) the mezzo et mezzo. One half had creamy new potatoes, cheese and thyme the other half had roasted peppers, chilli, rocket and mushrooms. It was a really great combo and made a change from the usual veggie options.

2) Squid ink linguine - the husband opted for this and said it was very tasty and not too overpowering or fishy.

3) The decor of the Shrewbury restaurant.

4) Dough sticks brushed with garlic butter and rosemary. A great choice to share as a starter.

5) The mini calzones mentioned above.

6) Three other dishes from the cichetti menu (or tapas for Italians) the meatballs, aubergine involtini and insalata caprese.

Check out the menu here. On a par with Pizza Express and more variety on the menu. Would highly recommend - but don't get the calzone as it looked a bit measly compared to the huge pizzas!

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