Friday, 15 June 2012

La Comptoir: Stratford Westfield

After lots of fast food indulgence this plate of goodness caught my eye when out shopping in Westfield over half term with my sister. It is from Le Comptoir Lebanese cuisine - which I've never had before but always wondered about as I've seen a Lebenese in Leeds and always wondered what it would be. I am a huge hummus and so I went for the mezze platter and shared it with my sis. It was delicious, fresh and full of exciting flavours. The salad in the middle was yummy, the pulses (I think its tabouleh), the hummus was served nicely and wasn't too pungent, the falafel was hot and yummy and the baba ganoush was my favourite part of the whole platter. The fluro pink thing is a pickle and I was dared to try it, but it just tasted like a standard pickle! The little pastry was called a fatayar and it was stuffed with pine nuts and soft cheese and it was really tasty. The pita was useful for finishing it all off.
There was a great choice of drinks too and I went for the freshly made lemonade with ginger and lime, it was recommended to me and it was really refreshing.

I will defo be coming here again over the Olympics...

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