Thursday, 7 June 2012

Stratford London: Franco Manca best pizza ever!

My fav thing about the malls in America are the food courts. We used to spend ages deciding what to eat and it's great if your in a group and want to mix it up a bit - you can even get little dishes from a few stalls. For this same reason I LOVE food markets, food trucks and anywhere with a variety of well cooked dishes.
We were in London for the Jubilee and our first stop was Westfield in Stratford. Our first visit here we had some samples of Franco Manca pizza and we went back and brought a whole pizza to share as I am not kidding it is the tastiest pizza ever.
They describe their pizza as:

About Franco Manca
Franco Manca's pizzas are made from slow-rising sourdough and baked in a wood burning brick oven made on site by specialised artisans from Naples.  This oven produces the slow levitation and blast-cooking process which locks in the flour's natural aroma and moisture, ensuring a soft and easily digestible crust.

I think it is the sour dough and the delicate mix of flavours which makes it - I always just get the margarita when I go as sometimes simple is best. 

  I can't tell you about their drinks as we always get rootbeer at the rib shak or juices at the juice bar but I can totally recommend their yummy pizzas or garlic bread.
Where do you eat when you go to Wesfield?

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