Sunday, 16 June 2013

Red's True BBQ: Leeds city centre

Having read rave reviews of trip advisor and loving all things Americano I was keen to try this new BBQ restaurant. It is opposite the Corn Exchange - on the corner of Call Lane.

Veggemac and two sides

Having read the reviews I was aware that they run a no booking policy and you have to turn up and give your name and number and then they let you know how long the wait will be, they also offer to call if a table becomes available sooner. We arrived at 3ish and were told we could be seated at 4.45. We didn't mind as we had shopping to do and so we went off and came back and were seated about 4.30. However I did see quite a few customers quite disgruntled at being told there was a three hour wait. Basically you have to plan your day or evening around it - don't turn up starving already!

  • Howdy Doody shake (peanut butter, banana and maple) served in a vintage milk bottle was not too sickly or thick and just delicious
  • Great choice of side dishes and good value for money - best side dish by far was the BBQ Pit beans and the sweet potatoe fries were tasty too. If you get the 'plates' (prices between £8.50 - £17.95) you get two side dishes with it and this is plenty of food. Too much really!
  • My husband raved of the beef brisket and it looked really tender
  • Quite prompt service - despite the fact that your table was not assigned a specific waiter or waitress
Low points?
  • I was really looking forward to trying the deep fried pickles, but the pickle just slipped out and you were left with just batter
  • I am veggie (so not the best place to go really!) and the veggemac was a bit sloppy and disappointing
  • Quite smokey- try to  get a table away from the kitchen. We managed this as i had read that recommendation in a review online.
Sweet potatoe fries
Deep fried pickles
Big plate  Beef Brisket and two sides
Close-up of the veggemac
Delicious peanut butter, maple syrup and banana shake
Assortment of sauces at your table
  • Quite good value for money as you get so much food
  • Be patient and expect to have to book in person two hours in advance
  • Great milkshakes and sides
  • Brilliant for meat lovers and good deal platters for big groups 

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  1. This place looks AMAZING! Hello root beer...and milkshakes? yum! and I'm loving the look of those beans!