Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Kirkstall Abbey Deli Market: Leeds

It's a Saturday in Leeds and the sun is out Leeds List tweeted about Kirkstall Deli Market and we decided this was a good place to check out. It is on from 12-3 on the last Saturday of every month - check out the website for more details.
I love markets with local fresh produce, but also cuisines from around the world and this is what we found here. 
 Canadian stall - just in time for Canadian Day!
 Yorkshire Pies
 Salts Bakery
 Stalls selling local produce from their allotments
 Plenty of tasters and free samples - this chipolata ketchup was seriously spicy but very tasty
 My husband's lunch of Nepalese curry from The Hungry Buddha
 My personal favourite stall - The Yummy Yank
 In the gorgeous surrounding of the Abbey
 Yummy brownies from the Yummy Yank (find her on twitter here: Lisa Gair @TheYummyYank)

 These slices with reeses pieces and oreo are the tastiest thing on her stall
 This is where I got my lunch - a sweet potato falafal wrap with hummus and taziki
The Hungry Buddha

We are definitely going again in July and I look forward to trying out some of the Mexican food then...

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  1. What a fun food fest! So many great things to try, all in one place!