Friday, 25 May 2012

Gourmet Burger Kitchen: London

This restaurant always seems to be doing special deals and vouchers - always a bonus. The first time I came I ordered a veggie burger (as I am *largely* veggie - or flexitarian!) and was not that impressed, although my husband really enjoyed his actual burger. On this second visit though I seemed to have made a better choice. You order at the counter and the service was quite speedy and friendly. This time I had The Billy with aubergine, panko crumbed goats cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, rocket, mayo & relish. It was a really nice combo and nice change to a usual boring veggie burger. My mom and sister both really enjoyed their choices - the kiwiburger and the taxidriver. The chips are chunky and quite a good portion and they have tasty milkshakes. We had a lime shake on the house because the rugby was on that day.

In summary:
  • good deals and reasonable prices
  • family friendly
  • tasty milkshakes
  • good variety of burgers
What do you think of GBK?

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