Saturday, 19 May 2012

Jiving at Jonny Fontane's: Leeds City Centre

DISCLAIMER: This restaurant has now closed down!

So my sisters and I are all pretty crazy about American diners and so I was very excited when I saw that one was opening up in Leeds City Centre. Last night my husband and I decided to go and try out Jonny Fontane's as he had a craving for burgers. I understood from their twitter that they were experiencing some teething problems like running out of buns one day and that they were open to feedback and had already made some changes like bigger portion sizes and more meat in the burgers. The decor was quite cool and they had the checked red and white plastic tablecloths, bar stools and the sugar and napkin dispensers just like a traditional fifties diner. They had a good soundtrack and I love the huge windows as it's very light and airy. It is order at the counter 'like Nandos' as the waiter told me!
Now having patronised many true American diners in my travels I felt that the food was quite average. I had cajun fries which were a bit over spiced - like the lid had come off the shaker and loads of spice had been dumped on top and they were a bit too greasy for my liking. The hot dog was quite small and not very American hot doggy style - more like a sausage. However my chocolate shake was very tasty and my husband had an impressive looking rootbeer float - we love a good root beer. And it was A&Ws the best for floats as its the sweetest of the lot. My husband had the burger and he said it was greasy and the bun was soggy. I am sure they still need to iron out these problems - but it was a shame that the decor promised so much, but the food let it down.

  • Ideal for big groups for a casual bite
  • Great decor and atmosphere
  • Yummy drinks like milkshakes and floats
  • Overly greasy and soggy food
Have you been? What did you think? Some people on twitter are raving about it....

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  1. That's a shame the food was a bit of a let down, I'd still go based on the fact they do good shakes and root beer floats alone though!!