Friday, 18 May 2012

Victory at Victus: Harrogate

Sadly this place has now closed down due to recession and finance issues - what a shame!
I always felt that West Yorkshire was in need of more American food places and so was pleased to see this casual dining place, Victus, open in Harrogate. It is part owned by the racer Jenson Button and has a really relaxed vibe with a mish mash of tables, sofas, books and board games. I have been twice and first time I had a delicious chilly, cheese dog and fries and the second time a spicy flafal wrap. The wrap was very spicy but full of yummy salad and lots of goodies. The fries are huge and really tasty - we got one each but I would recommend one between two as the portions are huge! My dining buddy had the Victus burger and would fully recommend it.I had the marshmallow shake - which was their shake of the week, they also do root beer which gets a thumbs up from me.

I forgot to take pics on the day, but this is the outside from a google pic by JM:

Overall summary:
  • Perfect for a lazy lunch (or brunch they do tasty looking pancake stacks)
  • Great portions
  • Quite slow service - you have to order at the counter
  • Exciting drinks menu
  • Reasonable prices
  • Share the fries!
Let me know if you have been and what you thought of it.
Over and eat!

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  1. FYI Victus has now closed down!